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Nero 12 is a multimedia suite comprised of seven applications designed to link together a growing device-network lifestyle. The software package consists of: Nero Express, Burning ROM, Nero Recode, BackItUp, Nero Video, Nero Rescue Agent, Nero Blu-Ray and Kwik Media. Nero 12’s applications allow users to manage multimedia files on their home computer then share it to UPNP or DLNA capable media players, create physical discs that can be viewed through DVD players or transcode them optimally to portable device file formats. The Platinum edition of Nero 12 adds Blu-ray functionality and comes with hundreds of templates to work with. The Nero 12 multimedia suite also comes with data backup capabilities through Nero BackItUp so your multimedia library remains safe and will never run the risk of data loss.

Disc authoring

Nero Burning ROM: a well-known optical disc authoring program by Nero AG and one of its first products.The product is available separately
Nero Express: a simplified incarnation of Nero Burning ROM targeted at beginners.
Nero CoverDesigner: enables users to design and print disc covers.
Nero BurnRights: enables administrators to assign required drive access rights to other users. Not included in the Nero 11, is part of Nero Free Tools.
Nero DiscSpeed: a disc speed measurement and performance diagnostics tool. Not included in the Nero 11, is part of Nero Free Tools.
Nero Info Tool: helps extracting useful system information related to disc authoring. Not Included in the Nero 11, is part of Nero Free Tools.
Nero DiscCopy Gadget: a gadget that allows users to perform simple disc burning operations (only for Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later). Not incuded in the Nero 11, is part of Nero Free Tools.
Nero RescueAgent: helps recovering files from damaged or partially unreadable media and restoring files that were accidentally deleted.

Video authoring

Nero Vision has been renamed Nero Video by Nero 11,The product is available separately video editing software tool capable of mixing video clips and authoring DVDs.The DVDs produced with the software are compatible with a large number of DVD Players.[citation needed]
Nero Recode: converts video files and non-copyrighted video DVDs into Nero Digital format, dramatically reducing their size while maintaining the quality.[citation needed] Also allows recoding of non-copyrighted video DVDs to fit onto a smaller DVD format.The product is available separately

Data backup

Nero BackItUp: a system backup utility. It was integral part of Nero 6, 7,8,10 and 11 suites. With the introduction of Nero 9 Nero BackItUp 4 became a standalone backup product, while its successor, Nero BackItUp 5, was the main application of Nero BackItUp & Burn This product was later on re-integrated in Nero Multimedia Suite 10 and now include in the Nero 11.The product is available separately to buy.
Audio editing
Nero Wave Editor: audio editing tool capable of recording, trimming, filtering, mixing and exporting audio.
Nero SoundTrax: multi-track audio mixing tool capable of creating and exporting audio mixes.

Music Player, Photo Viewer and More

Nero Kwik Media connects immediately and automatically to all your photos, your music and videos. All photos, videos and music. Organization, playback, sharing and synchronization.Nero Kwik Media is available in three versions: with some free apps available for a trial period and some for free. Payment: One that includes all the apps with exception of the blue-ray, and the other with all apps including the blue-ray.

Removed tools

Nero ImageDrive: a virtual drive utility that allows mounting various disk image files, thus presenting them as physical media to other applications. This tool is no longer included in Nero 9.